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Wedding & Function clients

Searching For An Act?

The team at Crazy Horse are here to guide you and suggest the most suitable act for your needs.

All enquires must be submitted via the Enquiry Form.

The enquiry form addresses some key factors you need to consider when selecting an act.

You may enquire about a particular act you see listed on the website.

Or you may just make a general enquiry describing your needs and wants and our team will guide you and suggest the most suitable act.

What happens when I have chosen an Act?

  • Once a date and an act has been confirmed we will email you a contract with details to make a deposit (usually 50% of the total fee or $500 whichever is less)
  • We offer an email signature format for the signing of contracts which means all you have to do is tick the ‘I agree’ box on the contract then it gets sent back to us.
  • The contact includes basic performance times, arrival times and most details.
  • The booking is on hold to be confirmed upon receipt of a deposit. You can pay the deposit by credit card or direct deposit.
  • Deposits are non – refundable.
  • The remainder of the fee is made by the client directly to the act on the night or 1 week prior to performance date.

We encourage you to liaise directly with the act by email and phone once a booking had been made. We issue you with guidelines of key questions to ask your act prior to performance – regarding song selection, exact dress standard to ensure everything is perfect for your function.