Professionalism & Reliability

By May 18, 2020Tips for musicians
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Professionalism & reliability……

Yup this is above talent …..

Professionalism – speak, act, dress and project yourself to agents and clients and public is a cheerful polite and professional way.
This seems like common sense but common sense ain’t that common.
The number of problems i’ve dealt with as an agent resulting from poor handlings of situations by musicians is astonishing.
We as humans are quick to blame others for things that don’t go quite right in personal relations or in dealings with others.


What is professionalism & Reliability? 


The older and more experienced you get in life you realise that YOU are the creator of the vibes you put out.
And that you can actually turn any situation around with good calm and clever communication.
Sometimes just smiling and saying nothing is better than reacting.
Sometimes communicating more is the answer.
One thing is for sure – the only time you ever got yourself into trouble was when you communicated.
and thinly time you ever got yourself out of trouble was when you communicated.


Get good at plain calm simple communication – polite and friendly.
Remember you are on show as an artist – people sometimes what to upset you on purpose.
Learn how to not react and be a Zen Jedi cool cat.
It takes practice.
The ideal outcome is …..


Handle any upsets and issues with clients / venues / agents in polite and professional way to a good end result.

Reliability – answer your phone and emails quickly regarding date/ gig offers, questions and regarding requests for posters / promo .


FACT – it’s NOT consistently true that that it’s the most talented acts that have the most work –
Senior to competence / talent is one’s own choice to be professional / reliable.

We pride ourselves on really pro and polite acts – this is why we offer a 100% money back guarantee on wedding acts.
An experienced pro will NAIL the gig – easily.

Check out our clients.

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