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By May 17, 2020Tips for Venues
best venue events

Best events for Venues – 7 actual events or types of Entertainment that are proven to pull spending customers to your venue



Book trending facebook artists – that have a huge following
What are the vest events for venues – Obviously facebook is followed by the younger generations so you can look to book younger acts – comedians or artists that already have a huge facebook following – and promote it on facebook
​A Central Coast club booked a young comedy act they knew was big on facebook and they FILLED their auditorium.



Book a series of Monthly Tribute Shows
​Tributes pull more people than any solo – duo or regular band.
Play it safe with KNOWN tributes that pull audiences.
Fleetwood Mac – INXS – Rolling Stones – Eagles – Bee Gees – 60’s shows


Consult an Agent or Promoter that can book the occasional touring act – Live Band or Comedians.
​There are plenty of touring acts that are available if you make your venue known to the right agents and promoters.
Touring acts always pull well.
Such as Dragon, Diesel, Mentals, Comedians Arj Barker, Dave Hughes, Will Anderson.



Kids Shows in the School Holidays.
​As far as best events for venues goes – this is HUGE!
The Taylor Swift – Katy Perry Show regularly pulls up to 900+ kids for a 1 hour show – not much bar or gaming return but HUGE profits from $10 ticket sales and kids lunches.



Open Mic or Music Trivia Nights on a Weeknight
Music trivia especially is successful where a musician plays songs and hosts musical or general trivia between songs.
I know of one venue where this ran for 2 years straight on Tuesdays nights. Another is currently in its 4th year of Thursday nights.



Weeknight Music Talent Shows
We all know how popular TV talent shows are at the moment.
Weeknight talent shows – with sponsored prizes – especially 16 years plus attract dozens of acts PLUS their families who all buy a meal and drinks.
​I’ve seen huge crowds of families attend these with 90 min wait times for food as it SO BUSY!



Painting Classes
This is a popular early or midweek way to get customers in – they all usually buy 1-3 drinks each and sometimes dinner – You can offer dinner specials to paint class patrons too.
I recommend this company. They’ve taught over 56,400 students in 2,184 classes in 26 cities in Australia.


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