Tips for Venues – 1

By May 17, 2020Tips for Venues
Rachel Laing



Really obvious Common Sense points – you probably already know….but common sense ain’t that common….
1. Clean Safe Venue – A female friendly venue

​People will visit any venue ONCE.
What makes them return again is the positive experience they had?

Yobbo / tradies crowd – may make females feel unsafe – must have good security.
A clean venue makes people feel comfortable.
Staff that care about patrons safety makes patrons feel safe!

Security must be trained to handle unruly patrons using good communication quickly .
Result – A Safe venue is frequented by lots of females – males follow.
Is your venue perceived as a female friendly venue?


Real example of creating a safe space

The best story and example I’ve heard from a very successful Hotel group owner is this:
He specialises in buying Hotels that are run down in fairly working class areas. They are cheap because they are quiet and may have a bad reputation and dodgy history.
​He knows he can turn that around 200%. He makes them safe again.
He told me these are the steps he does:

He slowly renovates the place making it look great
he knows all types of public come for FOOD ( more on this in the next blog)
So he creates a really top quality restaurant or bistro service.

This is the kicker…

​He personally works the bar himself for the first few months.
He doesn’t randomly BAR bad patrons – he RETRAINS them how to behave on a licensed premises.
Why RETRAIN bad patrons and not BAN?
Because some of these guys spend $20-50k each year and are valuable to him
Those can can’t be taught how to behave socially – sure he bars them – gone!

But he retains huge profits by retraining the others – that are now behaving…AND he earns THEIR respect because he pulled them into line!
Its common sense right ? – But how much profit have you lost from security MISHANDLING patrons rather than pulling them into line?

This is one of the hotels that used to be so working class – now turned around to a respected place for anyone to go for a meal.

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