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By May 17, 2020Tips for Venues
venue promotion

Over the next few weeks I’ll be sending these great FREE TIPS on how to set up a venue for Live Music. This is about Venue Promotion.



Really obvious Common Sense points – you probably already know….but common sense ain’t that common….

2 types of Patronage

Natural Patronage – Is a venue that has many people in the venue all the time.
A proportion of those people will naturally support the live music.
Typically these are large clubs and some pubs with special geographic advantages.


No “natural” patronage – Patrons only come if promoted too for a specific reason.


Venue Promotion – Give people a reason to come to your venue.

There are hundreds of ways to handle venue promotion.

What is Promotion?
It is simply the action of making something well known and well thought of.

It if doesn’t result in more patrons in the door spending money – it is not really effective.

Proven & effective ways to promote and get more people in the door.

2 for 1 meal vouchers
Even people from 2 suburbs away will show up to try food if its ‘2 for 1’ or ‘second meal $20 off etc’
But its next to useless if advertised internally only – It must be advertised OUTSIDE the venue – Outside signage,  but better is supermarket dockets and run this for several months.

Digital Signage On Street
It Can be as simple as a flat panel on the side of your building.

Its also vital to mention at the word FREE in your marketing
To offer any FREE item as an enticement to visit the club – a drink, voucher  a meal, anything FREE gets results!

The CEO of a Club in Asquith told me Digitial Signage made a huge difference to attracting new patrons.
A central Coast Venue also said their new digital signage made a huge difference to their bottom line.

Internal posters, table signage and pull up banners

A simple way of venue promotion and specific event promotion, ​sounds like common sense – but if you don’t already have a BUSY venue then you need to get busy letting people know what you want them to DO.
Come to shows, buy meals etc.

​Once you have new people in your venue, a decent solo or duo act that INTERACTS with the audience can HOLD them there and make them stay longer and spend more.

​Never sell a ticket to an event without capturing ticket buyers emails.

​Build a database
​Promote all upcoming events by email as well as internally and on social media

What to promote ….
reasons for patrons to come to your venue..

​In the next newsletter I’ll go over 7 unique events to promote that are guaranteed to get NEW customers to VISIT YOUR VENUE

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