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Really obvious Common Sense points – you probably already know….but common sense ain’t that common….


6. Exactly what type of clients do you want in your venue?


Who are you targeting?
What demographic? Why?
​Who spent the most ?
​Is that demographic viable long term?

Identify your venue’s demographic


Daytime trade v Night time trade -they might be totally different demographics and ages and social classes.

How to select cover bands?


Try and pin point and target WHO YOU WANT TO ATTRACT and WHY.

Tradies vibe – 18-30 year olds?
Family vibe – 50 to dead year olds?
Pompous drinkers who don’t care what live entertainment is on?


You may have multiple demographics
These are DISTINCTLY different markets.
They require different types of entertainment



Fri night tradies – early 4-8pm – perhaps a solo or duo
Sat night middle aged live band fans – live duo or band
Late Sat night – RnB DJ vibe
Younger beer garden Sun vibe – Solo or Duo
Tribute shows for distinct markets
Oldies – Tom Jones, Rod Stewart – Rat Pack style, ABBA
Classic Rock – Creedence , Rolling Stones
Classic 80’s pop – Dire Straits, Crowded House, INXS
More contemporary – Powderfinger / Pearl Jam, Pink

Use an agent that will source and provide acts you asked for at cheapest possible price.
Have the agent focus on sourcing acts that ENTERTAIN – talk to and engage audience. Common venue complaints I hear are – “….great music but boring band.”

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Useful info on how to select cover bands 

GOLDEN RULE – it’s not the most talented acts that excite people – it’s the most entertaining.

Talent is a bonus. Adequate talent whipping the audience into a frenzy of excitement always beats a guy standing there playing an Eric Clapton solo note for note.

Decent bands that are promoted well tend to pull people into the venue.

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Bands with female singers tend to attract better returning crowds.

Female singer bands attract girls to the venue who attract blokes.

Be wary of tribute bands – they cost twice the fee – 60% of them put on SHOW and get costumed up and do it WELL – that’s perfect – but the market is saturated with appalling half assed tributes too that will put you off tributes all together.

The best bang for buck tributes are Dbl header tributes – 2 acts
Nirvana / Chilli peppers
Rod Stewart / Elton John
INXS / Cold Chisel

Female singer tributes like Fleetwood Mac Pink / gaga / Perry attract large crowds of moderate drinkers.

Male rock acts like Guns n Roses attract bigger drinkers and harder pokie players.

Duos & Solos – don’t tend to pull patrons into the venue – they will hold those patrons that are already there.

Midweek Entertainment options:
Live Band Karaoke – duo or 3-4 piece band – is a much higher quality version of Karaoke as it’s LIVE.
Live music Trivia – a solo act doing general trivia spread across a 2 hour live gig with live songs mixed in.
All ages live music talent quest – 16 years an upwards – acoustic to light band vibe. Held on a week night bistro sales go through the roof as families of kids come for dinner.
School Hol Kids show – for 3-8 year olds & parents….Taylor Swift / Katy Perry 60 mins show + 15min meet n Greet – currently pulling 900 – 1100 tix at $15 – this is a licence to print $ in 1 hour. No pokie income and limited bar income – moderate bistro – but HUGE tix sales.



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