Are you an act looking for work?

Making a living from playing covers music is quite possible

If you’re an experienced enough musician to do paid covers work in the Au hotel and club scene and are seeking more gig opportunities we can help you.

We have an upcoming book and course on exactly how to make 100k per year as a covers musician.

If you’re already out there playing gigs this is great.
If you’d like more opportunities you should list your promo on every available website known to man to increase your reach especially for private and corporate work.

We do not mange any acts – we list any acts who are freelance.
We also list acts that we occasionally book through other agents or managers.

Regarding a profile listing…..this is what we need please.

The agent booking commissions are quite low so for this reason, I need your help presenting the stuff I need in one simple email please.

And to be honest extracting info from websites can be laborious especially if its embedded as image files and embedded clip files.

So let’s help each other out. We’d love to help you get more work.

The bottom line is if you can present this info I need below in ONE EMAIL I can create a profile for you and put you forward for more work.

It’s up to you though.

If you want the opportunity for more work just hit us back with this stuff please.

What we need.

Please send ONE Email with

  • A quality promo pic
  • 1-3 sample demo clips – Agent Friendly – (with none of your contact details on them)

Full songs are no good – it only shows you can ONE thing – 6 x 20 sec songs are best.

  • A bio in text form I can copy n paste ( not a pic file)
  • A sample setlist – in text form that I can copy & paste – not a pic file.
  • Any testimonials in text form

I also need your email, mobile number & location.

Email us here.

Upcoming book & Course  – How to make a living from covers music

How to make 100k + per year in the Australian covers scene


Introduction – Getting rich as a musician
7 Reasons to persue covers music
My Journey & Results – Stats & proof
The Goal of this book

Book 1 – The Creative side
Mindset & Motivation
Exactly how to be a great act that gets rebookings

Book 2 – The Business Side
Precise checklist
Professionalism and reliability v Talent

How to recruit great band members
Precisely how to promote and SELL
Creating professional promo
Cross promoting Covers v originals

Business mode details

HOW to get private work that pays 2-3 times public work
Precisely how to deal with agents & venues
Exactly how to manage backend invoicing , accounting and tax & insurances.
Barriers along the way & trouble shooting

Excerpt from book

7 reasons to pursue full time covers work.

  1. You can make 75% of your income on 40% of the days of the year.( Fri- Sat -Sun)
  2. You still have 50-60% of the year to:
    Raise a family, pursue other creative projects – your own music
  3. You are a FULL TIME artist – you have a creative job
  4. Its’ also great training for an original music writers/ performers – the Rolling Stones were a covers and for their first 2-3 records – they did ok after that.
  5. Certain cities and regions are ‘the land of covers venues’ – well established industries – ready made venues
  6. It’s a convenient way for couples to pay a mortgage and raise a family – often one partner has normal daytime job – the musician manages the daytime home & kids and works on weekends.
  7. Purpose & Lifestyle
    You’re following your own purpose as a creative artist – surely happier than being off your purpose in life.
    You play music for a living, love what you do. You work on your craft every day. Live the lifestyle you want to live. And you provide for your family.