We supply Solos, Duo and Bands to Hotels and clubs all over NSW, from Jindabyne and Thredbo to The South Coast to Sydney, Newcastle and The Hunter Valley….and also Interstate venues as required.

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If we send you a dud act – there’s no booking fee!

If you are not happy with any act we send – we refund the monthly booking fee! 

Problem: You currently have the same group of acts being recycled and you want more variety?

Solution:  Talk to us about focusing on variety not just a handlful of acts from one source.


Problem: Looking to overhaul your live entertainment and would like some ideas and options?

Solution: Ask for a consultation – we’ll tell you what has worked well before in similar venues.

We’ll tell you which cover bands pull big crowds.

Which acts pull big bar spending crowds.

Which acts pull big pokie spending crowds.

Problem: You really want to keep some of your current acts but for whatever reason you still want more variety and options of entertainment?

Solution: There is a painless way to have the best of both worlds – ask us how.

Crazy Horse supplies many Sydney –  Newcastle and Hunter Valley venues with top notch acts.

From taking care of the full roster of entertainment for your venue to working with you to supply select acts you require – lets us know what you need!

Rostering acts

We work to your monthly budget or weekly dates you need filled.

We supply a 2 month roster of acts and meet with every venue monthly to review the entertainment.

How far ahead do we need to program your venue?

Quite simply the further ahead we book the better acts we can place for you – pros book way ahead!

Pricing & billing

Acts are priced in accordance with standard NSW Hotel & Club performance fees.

(Some acts have higher profiles and may charge more)

For 3.5 gigs in typical metro areas with no more than 1.5 hours travel

Solos  $350-$450

Duo $500-$600

Trios $700-$900

Bands $900-$1200

Tribute Shows – $1800 – $4000

Ideally acts prefer to present an invoice & collect payment on the night.

Monthly billing is also an option – all open to negotiation.

We can even source major touring acts!

If you are wanting to book Jimmy Barnes or the latest chart success  who happens to be touring we can source these acts no problem.

If their managers even took your phone call their asking price would be high. We have contacts directly with major touring agents so let us get you a price and organise full production for you!

Posters & Gig Guides & Promotion

We supply artist posters and dispatch weekly gig guides to local print and radio media and can also liaise with your marketing department to organise press releases for particular shows.

Trivia & Talent Quests

Trivia is a great option for weekday nights to boost trade.

Talent Quests – ‘Idol’ style Talent Quests are VERY popular to draw families and young crowds to boost bistro sales on a weeknight or weekend day.