How to book a band

Band Bookings & the way to do it.

The team at Crazy Horse are here to guide you in how to book a band and suggest the most suitable act for your needs.

All enquires must be submitted via the Enquiry Form.

The enquiry form addresses some key factors you need to consider when booking.

You may enquire about a particular act you see listed on the website.

Or you may just make a general enquiry on how to book a band, describing your needs and wants and our team will guide you and suggest the most suitable act.
The best way to hire a band is to browse the profiles and watch the live clips.

What happens when I have chosen an Act?

    • Once a date and an act has been confirmed we will email you a contract with details to make a deposit (usually 50% of the total fee or $500 whichever is less)
    • The booking is on hold to be confirmed upon receipt of a deposit. You can pay the deposit by credit card or direct transfer.
    • The contact includes basic performance times, arrival times and most details.
    • Deposits are typically refundable within 7 days of payment. See Cancellation clause below.
    • The remainder of the fee is usually to be paid 1 week prior to performance date.

Cancellation Policy: Crazy Horse Cancellation clause:

This is in place to protect pro working artists. Once they take a booking they often knock back other work.
The deposit is totally refundable for 7 days following the date the deposit is received by us.
You can cancel the booking and get a refund of the deposit up until 7 days from said date.
After this date the deposit is only refundable at agency discretion.

Cancelling within several weeks of performance date (exact date specified on booking document)
If for some reason you need to cancel the booking for your band – We’ll liaise with the act and see if they can get another similar job. If they get a replacement function that covers the loss on this job – then happy days we can refund the deposit 🙂

Often we can negotiate an agreed upon cancellation fee with you and that is ideal. However if we cannot negotiate a deal with you to keep the act happy then at our discretion the deposit becomes the cancellation fee.

Cancelling within 7 days of performance date.
50% of total booking fee is due as cancellation fee. Often the deposit covers this otherwise the balance between deposit paid and 50% of booking fee is due.