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If you’re an experienced busker and are GOOD you’ll know this….

You can make $150/ hour in the RIGHT SPOTS.
This is a fact – proven over and over…… by buskers who know what they are doing…
Playing the right material with a decent battery speaker and the right volume outside…..key locations.
The right suburbs outside Bottle stores – IGA Supermarkets – Cafes.

I’ve made up to $600 in 4 hours in these strategic locations. It’s a higher hourly rate than a paid hotel or club gig and you can take as many breaks as you like – no pressure, no drunks – all fun.

If you play the wrong material in the wrong locations – you’ll NEVER want to busk again.

If you have negative energy and look sad – it also won’t work for you.

Believe it or not there is a successful formula to follow.

Ok so that is street busking and it it is weather dependant and also may require licence.

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Making buskers lives easier

Shopping Centre Busking in NSW – Crazy Horse Entertainment has contracts with select NSW retail Shopping Centres.

Out spots are a buskers dream…
INSIDE  a shopping centre – no weather issues
A CAPTIVE audience
SOBER audience – kids, mums – every kind of person

How buskers make up to $150 per hour in cash donations

Ok so THE MAIN reason is that we place EXPERIENCED PRO musicians in as buskers.

So typically buskers we see around town are often emerging or up n coming talent. We can also place these guys but the pros make the big bucks …WHY? ……..the answer is ONE word …..EXPERIENCE.

They know what to play when and how to have a great sound – from years of experience.

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Day time week day busking

Our full time pro musicians are busking during the weekday – daytimes for EXTRA $ as well as working their regular night gigs.

Some are choosing to work 2 days busking ( about 4 hours a day ) and spend Fri & Sat night at home with their family and still earn the same weekly income.

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How much can a shopping Centre Busker really make?

If we told you we’d have to kill you – but in QLD where this all began and is still going strong some kids have QUIT their apprenticeships as they make double their weekly wage from 3 days busking. Not just busking – SHOPPING CENTRE BUSKING.

What we offer – Shopping Centre busking in NSW

A key location that is YOUR SPOT for the entire day – as short or as long as you like

80% of your money will be made from 9am – 1pm so we recommend these times and we suggest keep going as long as you are making good coin.

This is the set up – Banner – battery speaker – mic stand and your guitar case open.

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The cost to you?

$55 per spot for the entire day. Some buskers play 4 hours some play for 8 hours and take home well – lets say…enough to make it worthwhile standing there for 8 hours with a few breaks.

The Rules

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Pull Up Banner
To busk in our contracted spots  – you MUST have a pull up banner – we’ll supply this free of your first 2 gigs – after that you’re own your own – you must buy a banner from us with your artwork ( pic ) supplied by you for about what you make in 1 -2 hours busking.
You pay for the banner, we’ll pay for a social media post you can use to promote with.

Battery speaker – not compulsory but highly recommended to be heard and to able to sing softly and to control your vocal volume.

Public Liability Insurance Cert
This is compulsory (for Au – 30 million cover) – get it from duck for cover for about $79 / year for Australian residents working in Au.

For Kiwis or NZ residents – i’ve managed to gently convince some centres down to $5mil Public Liability insurance – which will cost NZers $400 a year or about $40 / month. Get it here in NZ Biz Cover
The truth is – 1-2 busking sessions you’ve paid it for a year, I mean i made $260 on a Thurs in Auckland so of course its worthwhile.

Noise issues – You must listen to requests to turn down. We’ll allow you one complaint that reaches our office – after that – sorry we cannot afford to jeopardize our contract – we suggest you busk on the street and be as loud as you like!

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I don’t have a battery speaker ?

As mentioned above it’s not compulsory but recommended.
WE can hire you one at $27.50/ day added to your $55 spot fee.

How long do we have to play for ?

Minimumly we need you to play for 3 hours – then if its not going well for you you can scurry home.

Can we play all day if it’s going well?

Yes some buskers do this and take home a load of cash.

How many breaks can we take?

As many as you like – its your spot – on your time – your rules.
We suggest a break every 1-2 hours for a drink or a rest. And as many bathroom breaks as you need, it can be thirsty work.

How do we accept card donations?

2 ways, with a payapal QR code on your own banner, or a card tapper unit. We suggest Quest payment systems – they have a great tapper that you can preset to $5 or $10 and it runs from an iPhone or android app.

Do I have to have the written sign?

(Not the banner – yes this is compulsory) The chalk board or hand written sign – no this is optional – though its well written and tested AND proven to add 30% to your earnings as it pushes the right buttons to encourage people to donate.

I’m not sure if busking is for me?

I’ve personally made A LOT of cash from busking – on the street and in Shopping Centres.

Its does take a certain mindset and personality.

It helps if your treat it like a game and a challenge.
If you’re an extroverted person who like to smile and engage others you’ll love it.

If you’re a little introverted and a little worried about what others think of you – it might not be for you.

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Live footage from a shopping Centre Busking NSW

Channel 9 News story on Shopping Centre Busking in NSW