Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions for booking acts. 

Please read our terms and conditions of booking fully before making your enquiry or booking.

Crazy Horse Entertainment (Entertainment Industry Agent & Venue Consultant) has made every effort to word and phrase the following terms and conditions in clear and plain English.

Neither ‘booker’ nor ‘act’ should enter into any agreement without fully understanding our Terms and Conditions.

Bookings between The Agent & Venues – these are completed with a signed off Roster of artists for each booking period – usually a 2-3 month roster.

Bookings between The Agent & Private Clients – for any engagement over Au$1000 we require a signed contract to be completed.


ACT – Any act, artiste, performer, entertainer, dancer, musician, or group of, with whom you contract or wish to contract in relation to (or a series of) Engagements.

BOOKER – Any venue, individual, company or organisation responsible for hiring an ACT.

ENGAGEMENT – Any booking made between ‘booker’ and ‘act’ for the services of an ‘act’.

THE AGENT – Crazy Horse Entertainment.

We will negotiate and agree with you the terms on which the ‘act’ will perform any Engagement(s) and draw up the agreement between you and the Act.

Confirming the booking:

A) ‘Confirmation’ will mean any electronic, written or verbal acceptance of this booking by both the ‘booker’ and the ‘act’.

B) All bookings are effective immediately upon ‘confirmation’.

C) Failure to sign or return this written contract is not acceptable as cancellation of the booking or acceptance of these terms.

Upon ‘confirmation’ of the booking, Crazy Horse Entertainment will issue a contract to the ‘booker’ for signature which must be returned. 

Both the ‘booker’ & the ‘act’ may keep one copy of the contract for their own records. (Further copies are available on request)

Payment of fees: All details willbe included in contract.

Cancellations: All details willbe included in contract.

Re-booking of the ‘act’: The ‘booker’ agrees to negotiate all future bookings of the ‘act’ with Crazy Horse Entertainment and not with the ‘act’ directly. This remains in force from the date of issue of this contract until 18 months following the event date on this contract. The ‘act’ agrees not to supply to the ‘booker’ any direct contact details other than those of Crazy Horse Entertainment for future bookings.

Rider – Special Conditions: This contract may, where appropriate, be subject to a ‘rider’ and where listed ‘special conditions’, containing the ‘acts’ requirements for food, accommodation, changing rooms, technical specifications, transport, etc (please see full ‘act rider’ and ‘special conditions’ on the contract)

Act performance and behaviour guarantee: The ‘act’ agrees to supply all equipment required to undertake this performance, unless the equipment has been contractually agreed to be supplied by the ‘booker’ or an appointed supplier. It is the ‘acts’ responsibility to ensure the safety and good working order of their own equipment, and to obtain all necessary insurances & certification to make such equipment fully compliant with all legal requirements. The ‘act’ agrees to provide a performance that is to the best of its ability. The ‘act’ will make every effort to ensure their performance is first class, comply with the ‘booker’s’ directions within due reason, be courteous, civil and polite with the booker, their staff, customers or guests and to be on their best behaviour at all times. The ‘act’ agrees that their fee is inclusive of all expenses as outlined in the contract. The ‘act’ will not engage in anti-social, illegal or in any way that will reflect badly upon Crazy Horse Entertainment, the ‘booker’ or themselves. The adjustment of the volume and sound level of any equipment shall be subject to the approval of the ‘booker’. The ‘act’ is not employed by Crazy Horse Entertainment and they are fully responsible for their own accounting and payment of TAX, GST & Insurance. The ‘act’ accepts full responsibility for maintaining their own Public Liability Insurance, vehicle insurance and for carrying out the P.A.T. testing of their equipment.

‘Act(s)’ instruments and equipment: It is agreed by the ‘booker’ and the ‘act’ that the equipment and instruments of the ‘act’ are not available for use by other performers or persons except by specific permission of the ‘act’.