Wedding Bands

Choosing a wedding band?

If have been to a wedding recently and liked the live music then you have probably already got the business card of the wedding band you saw perform. That’s likely a very safe option when booking as you can vouch first hand for the band. However, we suggest you shop around as there are a great many bands out there that may be more suited to you.

There are endless websites out there offering lists of live function bands. We qualify all our acts first an only the best are accepted. Websites can on occasions be misleading and remember a fancy site does not guarantee quality performers. You’ll get a good feel for who you are dealing with based on the responses you get. Professional bands, worth dealing with will be quick to reply, it will be personalised to your event and friendly.

Should I expect to see the band perform before I book them?

You can always ask. The band may have public performances coming up but do not expect or insist on any professional wedding bands inviting you to one of their performances. Imagine how you would feel if a band turned up at your wedding with additional guests looking on?. Pro acts use pro demos and pro clips. These are the acts we we list

What price should I pay?

Well…If you want Monkeys then pay peanuts. Good live entertainment does come at a price but it is well worth it for this one day of your life. Your wedding day, for many, is the most important single in your life and you want everything to be right. Rather than making a relatively small saving by booking your second choice, make sure you go with exactly what you want. The live band is the biggest thing on show after the wedding dress and you’ll want them to look and sound great, be happy to be there and ready to entertain all of your guests.

We have several wedding bands in each style category to suit all budgets – however we do recommend not skimping on live music.

Weddings and functions are about style and class. However as mentioned we can supply to suit a variety of budgets – we’ll always recommend the best first!